DHL KIA Refuses to Accept Lawmaker’s Ghana Card as Valid ID

Fredrick Opare Ansah, MP for Suhum

Giant courier service provider, DHL at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on Tuesday morning refused to accept Suhum lawmaker, Fredrick Opare Ansah’s Ghana card as a form of valid Ghanaian Identification Card.
A lady, whose name is being withheld for now, told the lawmaker in the face that DHL does not accept Ghana card as part of recognized ID when he went to pick up a parcel and was asked for an ID.
In an interview with Fredrick Opare Ansah on the incident that occurred on Tuesday morning, he noted that he expect DHL to have their legal outfit advise them because the law is clear as far as anything that requires identification is concerned.
“Ghana card is as good as any form of identification. I have traveled to Cote d’Ivoire without a passport and I used my Ghana card, I was allowed entry. I cannot understand why within Ghana and conducting a transaction, DHL will say they will not accept this card,” he lamented.
Mr. Frederick Opare Ansah further noted that it is not right, as the National Identification Authority 2006, Act 707 section 2 sub-sections 3 says in any matter that one needs to provide Identification the Ghana card suffices.”
“When you ask me for my ID and I provide my Ghana card, it should suffice,” he stated.
On the issue of institutions like some banks refusing the Ghana Card as a form of identification, the Suhum lawmaker indicated that he has not had such an experience, more so in this age of technology, electronic banking and mobile money, where a client does not need to be at the bank physically.
“It should be clear to all institutions that require one form of identification or the other, just as they take steps to install verification systems and channel to the Passport Office, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and others, it is imperative that they establish systems at the National Identification Authority (NIA)”
“So when I present my Ghana card you can verify the authenticity of the card that I am presenting to you.”
“You cannot give me any excuse that you cannot accept the Ghana card because that will be breaching the law”.
“The law is the law, once passed and assented to by the President, it becomes law, in the case of NIA, the Legislative Instrument (LI) came into being in 2012 and we are all aware that since President Nana Akufo-Addo came to power in 2017, the NIA has been up and doing.
“It is now rolling out a nationwide registration exercise so are we saying all those people government has spent tax payers’ money on in registration for the Ghana card, when they turn up at DHL they may have to go back and look for their passports, Voters ID and drivers licenses before they are served, that is not acceptable”, he lamented.
By Kwaku Sakyi-Danso

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