Sports Minister Laments Loss of Nationalism, Volunteerism Spirit

Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Isaac KwameAsiamah, has deploredloss of what he described as the spirit of volunteerism, patriotism and nationalism from the national psyche.

Isaac Kwame Asiamah, Minister for Youth and Sports

He lamented that every citizen today expects some sort of payment or some personal benefit for whateverthey do in the name of the state.
According to him, there is need to rekindle the spirit of volunteerism and nationalism, especially in the youth to understand Ghana is their motherland andbe prepared to sacrifice energy, time and resources for her development without expecting reward in return.
The Minister expressed his frustration to journalistswhen he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee(PAC) in reference to the 2016 audited accounts of the National Youth Authority.
He said, “If the youth are made to understand even crime will not enter their minds because they know they have to sacrifice for the nation.”
“But this requires us to imbibe in the youth the spirit of volunteerism and nationalism.”
Mr. Isaac Asiamahaverred that the impression created in the past that technical education is for school drops and those who could not pursue their education is very caustic for development.
He noted that this impression should be erased from the ghanaian conscience especially the youth in the world today every aspect of life has become technical from the tailors and dressmakers who make clothing to producers of cameras and mobile phones.
“So therefore if we push technical education higher it would support the growth and development of the country.”
“This is why we are initiating policies to promote technical education. I believe if we are able to do it efficiently, it would help the country acquire quality and skilled manpower needed for development.”
He stated that if the Ministry is able to complete the numerous initiatives it is pursuing, the country would soon produce quality human resources who are more disciplined and loyal to the country.
He said, “A country with more disciplined citizens has low crime rate because every citizen know their role and what needs to be done to develop the state.”

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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