Chairperson for MOKASA WOMEN’S TRUST FOUNDATION, Ambassador Moley Anim Addo, has called on global leadership to create the necessary environment to advance the growth of women.
According to her, women are key players in the socio-economic development of every nation hence the call for empowerment at all levels of society.
She congratulated women all over the world as it marks the international women’s day under the theme: ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, and Innovate for change’’.
In a statement she said, “We congratulate our hardworking beautiful women all over the world. Today we celebrate you as the backbone of our national economic development. Without your hard work and integrity our fortunes as a nation will slowly grind to a halt.”
“We appreciate the risk you take daily to put food on the table for the family. As mothers of the land, we celebrate you and also call on all men from every hamlet, village and towns across Ghana to support the need for a National Gender Policy Framework and the adoption of the United Nations Affirmative Action Programme by Government.”
“As we move towards the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, we will work harder to achieve “Zero Hunger and Gender Equality “in our society.”
“We add our voice to the call by Civil Society and all concerned Ghanaians to the Government to move forward and disband all vigilante groups.
“It is women and children who suffer in the face of conflict. We have only our dear Country Ghana as our heritage.”
“Congratulation and God Bless all Women.”

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