31st DWM Salutes women: Calls For Equal Opportunities

The 31st December Women’s Movements (31st DWM), a non-governmental organization, on the occasion of the celebration of this year’s women’s day, which fell on 8th March 2019, has issued a solidarity message to salute women for their courage and determination.
The movement urged governments across the globe to implement policies and programmes to create opportunities for the vulnerable in society.
The celebration was under the theme, “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change.”
The message congratulated all women for their hard work and courage in the face of several global economics challenges.
“Women, as mothers take care and provide for the children. As farmers, women till the land and ensure that food stuffs leave the farming areas to the urban centers to feed the people,” the message indicated.
The movement noted that women are still worried about the inequality of economic opportunities and safety of their children.
It said, “On this day as we celebrate our women, we want to assure all women that we are still resolved and resolute to promote and build a strong gender inclusive society”
According to the Movement, issues of women are human right issues and must be addressed to advance human development. They encouraged government to create equal opportunities for quality healthcare, education, security, favorable business environment, decent housing, good roads, food and access to sources of energy.
“As we celebrate today, let us hold on to our values, which strengthen us as mothers and leaders for the future generations. We call on all women groups to forge together for greater collaborations in the fight against poverty, hunger, disease, discrimination, domestic violence and disabilities.”
“Importantly, today we call on the Government to speed up investigations into recent kidnappings in the country of young girls and subsequently, we condemn rape of girls in educational Institutions.”
“We must take serious action against the perpetrators of such crimes and offences in our society.”

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