Minority wants Ken Agyapong Arrested for Ahmed’s Murder

The Minority in Parliament has called on the security agencies to arrest Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central and hold him responsible for the murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

The Minority argued that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s overt campaign against Tiger Eye PI and his incitement of the public to assault the journalist for payment is a criminal action under Section 20 (1) of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29,) especially now that Hussein-Suale has been killed.

Hon. James Agalga addressing the media with other members of the minority

At a press conference addressed by ranking member on the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, Hon. James Agalga, the minority argued that the Assin Central MP, might not be directly involved in the killing of the journalist but his actions and utterances could certainly have led to his murder.

Hon. Agalga noted that the NPP MP, prior to the airing of the Number 12 – When Greed and Corruption Become the Norm documentary, had launched a campaign against Anas Armeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye P.I. team, vowing to destroy the members if the documentary was aired.

According to him, after the documentary was aired, Mr. Agyapong splashed purported photos of Anas on his Net 2 Tv and on the internet and invited the general public to harm Anas for monetary compensation.

He said, “Mr. Agyapong splashed pictures known to be the image and likeness of Ahmed in like manner and incited the public to visit violence on Ahmed for monetary reward.”

“Indeed, Mr. Agyapong declared that he was prepared to pay any member of the public who would beat up Ahmed and then proceeded to indicate the location of Ahmed’s residence.”

“By section  20(1) of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29), a person who, directly or indirectly, instigate, commands, counsel, procures, solicit, or in any manner purposely aids, facilitates, encourages, or promotes, whether by a personal act or presence or otherwise, and a person who does an act for the purposes of aiding, facilitating, encouraging, or promoting the commission of criminal offence by any other person, whether known or unknown, certain, or uncertain, commits the criminal offence of abetting that criminal offence, and of abetting the other person in respect of that criminal offence,” he stated.

He argued that Mr. Agyapong appears to have abetted several offences ranging from assault, causing harm, causing harm with the use of offensive weapon, attempted murder and murder by instigating the public by reaching out to the public to visit the indicated violence on them.

Mr. Agalga pointed out that by operation of the law, the offence of abetting a crime through instigating violence is committed even if no member of the public lifts a finger in furtherance of the invitation.

He stated, “It is on this basis that we state that Mr. Agyapong bears some criminal responsibility for the death of Ahmed, and also bears criminal responsibility for instigating the public to beat up Ahmed and cause harm to Mr. Anas for monetary reward.”

The Assin Central MP, he said, should have promptly been arrested and prosecuted for the public instigation of violence against Anas and his Tiger Eye P.I. team but this was never done.

He stressed, “In the case of Ahmed who was shot in cold blood, one cannot help but point to Mr. Agyapong’s express and televised instigation for monetary reward as the basis.”

Mr. Agalga pointed out that just after Ahmed’s assassination, Mr. Agyapong, went on air to dare law enforcement agencies to arrest him to the extent of accusing Anas and lawyer for Tiger Eye P.I. of complicity in the murder.

“Shockingly, Mr. Agyapong was allowed to fly out of the country, without being apprehended, on that very day on an Emirates flight headed to Dubai and possible onward journey,” he said.

The Minority noted that since President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo became President, the security situation in the country has become very porous to the extent that Ghanaians are living in perpetual fear.

According to the ranking member, besides the murder of Ahmed Hussein-suale, three other people have been murdered in similar fashion during which the assailants never made away with or stole any property belonging to the victims.

He said, “In the circumstance, reasonable minds ought to conclude that the killings recorded in recent times are “Contract Killings.”

He averred that statistics from the Ghana Police Service indicates incidents of robbery cases recorded has risen from 1,397 in 2016 to 1,772 in 2017, representing a 27% increase adding, “The situation did not improve in 2018 as robbery cases alone hit 968 in the 1st quarter alone.”

President Akufo-Addo, the Minority argued, must put in place measures to stem the alarming incidents of contract killings and robberies and rid the country of the growing sense of insecurity.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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