Prof. Mike Ocquaye: Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

The Alumni in a group picture with the Speaker Mike Ocquaye

Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Ocquaye, has deplored the tendency of placing all responsibilities of development on government and warned that such approach towards the national development must stop.
“It is not the responsibility of government only and the earlier we in this country stop this area of argument that removes responsibilities from us and throw them on others the better.”
Professor Mike Ocquaye expressed this lamentation when the Alumni of the University of Ghana called on him last Monday to collect on a pledge the Speaker had made.
Parliament subsequently presented a cheque for GH¢50,000 to the UG Alumni Association and expressed the hope to do more in the coming years.
He observed that the great works that the Alumni Association is doing for the University of Ghana is public knowledge and stressed it is imperative people of good will support the association’s efforts.
He indicated that foreign universities that have today become the pride of scholars like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale among many others have made great marks today because of the untiring efforts of their great Alumna.
He said, “This is exactly what we should all learn to do because many good things come from these collective efforts and it is not just a matter of looking up to government to satisfy the requirements we all know exists in our country.”

Clerk to Parliament presenting the chequen to Mr. Obeng Okrah as the speaker and others look on

“So we must rise and do whatever we can from the secondary schools to the universities and colleges. Those who have passed through the doors of these places and are blessed to be in positions to contribute to society must be very mindful of these aspects of activities.”
“Today we know the challenges facing universities and regarding the free Senior High School programme, infrastructure must come up because we need to house more students.”
Professor Mike Ocquaye stated that Oxford and Cambridge, for instance, are surrounded with hostels and living areas for students owned by individuals where students are able to continue their education in comfort.
He stressed that as more students graduate from the free SHS, there would be the need to construct more infrastructures for both students and lectures and urged Ghanaians to support government to provide these facilities.
Quoting former US President, J.K. Kennedy’s famous statement, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,’ the Speaker stressed supporting government is a way of giving back where many have benefited from.
Leader of the delegation, Mr. Richard Obeng Okrah who received the cheque on behalf of the Alumni Association expressed gratitude and pledged the money would be put to judicious use to make the University of Ghana a better institution.
By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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