ASK Bagbin: Sit in Accra and Parrot! I’ll Shock You!

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has given the strongest indication yet of winning the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential primaries, declaring he is set to deliver the biggest shock in the history of the party.
Some people, he said, are engaged in wishful thinking, sitting in Accra and believing the fact that they have been in power in the recent past is an opportunity to come back into government.
He noted that the NDC has 280,000 eligible voters for the presidential primaries contrary to the national executives’ elections where 9,350 delegates were involved.
“We are now going for 280,000 delegates and so if you have a few in Accra everyday parroting what they believe would happen, I can tell you they would have the shock of their lives,” he stated
According to him, he has toured the entire country and the support he is receiving is pretty massive and that noise makers on radio stations in Accra would do little to change the course of the tsunami he is bringing.
The Deputy Speaker who spoke to the media in Parliament on Monday 24th December, 2018 stated that he is obligated to offer himself for election as president because of the experiences he has garnered as the longest serving Member of Parliament (MP) in the history of the Ghana and the Gold Coast.
He noted that after the colossal investment in him by the Ghanaian public it is important to give back what he has received and stressed it is not for nothing the Lord has pushed the thumbs of constituents to keep him in Parliament for the past 26 years.
He said, “It is not for nothing that I have been kept in Parliament for this long. There must be some reason for that and I don’t think it is proper after gathering so much political capital and after I have given pieces of advice to all the presidents that I have met since 1993.”
“And seeing that some of the pieces have been taken on and implemented but there are others that seem not to be finding expression in the body politics and the lives of Ghanaians.”
“I believe I should be given the opportunity to put those things right. I want to put that on the table for all of us to consume.”
Hon. Bagbin argued that politicians alone ought not to be seen as those who can lead the country to develop.
According to him, Ghana is practicing a local government system without factoring in the leaders of the local people when it is public knowledge that the true leaders of the people are the chiefs, queen mothers, religious leaders and civil society leaders.
He added, “So how come we are practicing a system without them also being giving leadership roles in the governance of this country. I think it’s an omission and an error.”
He argued that the colonialists even saw the need to involve leaders of the local people and therefore evolved the indirect rule and used them in the governance system.
By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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