Education Minister: Gov’t to Kick out Workers Who Have Not Done National Service

Minister of Education, Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has hinted that very soon government would visit companies and workplaces to ensure workers who have not done national service are kicked out to go and do their service.
The National Service, he said, is not meant only for those who attended school in Ghana and stressed it is for all Ghanaians who have attained a certain age and completed a certain level of education.
Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh was responding to concerns on Wednesday during debate on the 2019 budget estimates of the Ministry of Education.
Member of Parliament for Pru East, Hon. Dr. Kwabena Donkor, had earlier expressed concern that many service personnel refuse posting to deprived communities.
He argued that the service was instituted to enable Ghanaians, especially from urban areas to have a taste of life in the rest of the country and to address the labour inadequacies in deprived communities.
He said, “It is therefore surprising that personnel of the scheme would today refuse posting to deprived areas.”
“The people of Pru East and West and other underprivileged areas have a right to the services of these gentlemen and ladies whose education has been paid for by the taxpayer,” he stated and urged the Ministry and administrators of the National Service to take serious view of this situation.
The Minister of Education acknowledged the phenomenon and stressed that any person who fails to do the service should not be employed in any institution in Ghana.
He said, “If you don’t do national service you are even not supposed to be self-employed in this country. That is the law.”
Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh cautioned employers not to employ any person who has not done the national service and noted that soon management of the national service scheme would visit companies to throw out all those who have failed to do their national service.
The House subsequently approved the budgetary allocation of GH¢12.9 billion for the programmes and activities of the Ministry of Education for 2019 out of which GH¢1.7 has been dedicated for the implementation of the Free Senior High School policy.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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