Haruna Warns Ministers: Appear In Person for Your Estimates

Minority leader Hon. Haruna Iddrissu has sounded a note of warning to Ministers to ensure they appear in person to move motions for the budgetary estimates of their respective ministries.
The minority, he stressed, would not accommodate absence of any minister unwilling to be present in Parliament to move the motion for their budgetary allocations.
“The budget is laid on behalf of the president and the minister is the anchor person in the Ministry so we will insist the ministers move the motion in person,” he said.
According to him, Ministers as heads of their respective ministries need to speak to the policy principles and visions of the president and outline the programmes of government for 2019, for which the budget estimates are being considered.
Their presence, he noted, would determine the level of seriousness they attach to their ministries and warned his side will not support the estimates of any ministry whose Minister is not in Parliament to present their case.
The Minority leader who was speaking on issues he said are pertinent for effective operation of the House noted that the Special Prosecutor (SP) regulation is a matter of very serious concern because days after it was laid, the document is yet to be made available to members.
Quoting Standing Order 75, Hon. Haruna Iddrissu stressed that even before laying of the regulation, the clerks office must have had justification there were sufficient copies available for distribution to members.
The SP regulation, he cautioned, is not an ordinary matter the House is dealing with and pointed out even during the pre-laying Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu, had questioned the constitutionality of the process.
He warned that the unavailability of sufficient copies of the regulation is a matter of serious concern and cautioned, We dont want a situation where tomorrow Parliament is questioned on the constitutionality of Article 11 against this House.
The Minority leader argued that counting of sitting days for the maturity of the regulation should be done relative to the instrument in pursuit of Article 11 of the 1992 Constitution so that no Ghanaian would one day raise the issue of constitutionality in respect of the sitting days counted before the regulation matured.
He said, It is not a matter of how many days has elapsed because the Constitution in Article 11 says 21 days mandatory.”
“Some days have been counted and yet we dont know what it is being counted for because members do not have the regulation.
We have assured the majority leader and members of government we are ready to make room to allow the instrument to mature but it should mature when it is available.
It cannot mature when we do not have copies of it.
We are raising this matter because we dont want someone to raise the constitutionality and constitutional validity of the instrument in future,” he stated.

Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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