Ho Municipal Assembly in GH¢228,388.00 Debt

The inability to do things right and who to propel the Ho Municipal Assembly has ran the assembly into a serious mess resulting in it owing Zonal Council GH¢119.000, Xatti & Fellis Ltd, a waste and Sanitation Management Company GH¢109,388 in arrears.
Management was also accused of frustrating the Ho Zonal Council in property rates collection by delaying letters meant for distribution.
According to the assembly members, Management has outsourced more juicy revenue items to a private company Skymomt Ltd to collect by so doing denying the Zonal Councils the opportunity to mobilize more revenue.
Assembly members were at a loss why management will pay the arrears to the council since audit has been completed over four months ago.
They were also of the view that the preparation of the special Development Framework (SDF) for the assembly and funded by Ghana Urban Management Pilot Project (GUMPP) was not a priority and as such it has no value for money.
They queried if the current Municipal Finance Officer (MFO) claimed he inherited an arrears of GH¢78,000 and was paying but the arrears had ballooned to GH¢119,000 then there is no justification that they were paid.
They further argued that if Skymount Ltd is to be working effectively they see no reason why the assembly will constitute a Task Force to be going round collecting revenue and cede only property rates to the Ho Zonal Council to Collect.
But the MFO, Daniel Dei Nelson, explained that the printing of letters for property rates delayed because the machine had broken down and explaining further that all the revenue units ceded to Skymount Ltd were part of the agreement (emphasis mine) and therefore cannot be changed.
He further stated that the internal Audit Unit was conducting investigations into the records of the Zonal Councils and that as soon as they complete their work, they would be paid.
The coordinating Director Peter Kwasi Thompson indicated that the SDF was a requirement for GUMPP and Urban Development Grant (UDG) and that it has many benefits for the assembly.
Briefing the assembly later, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Xatti & Fellis Ltd, Mawuli Worgbeyi lamented that since it started work in partnership with the assembly in 2014, it has not received any payment from them and they owed them GH¢ 109,388.06, which is drowning the company.
The Company is therefore appealing to the general assembly to compel management to pay them all outstanding financial entitlements because patience is a finite virtue and also to roll out ‘pay as you dump’ across the entire municipality.

By Vandyck Asante, Ho

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