Okoe Vanderpuije, The visionary Leader

Mayors have come and gone but the legacy of one Mayor produced by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would always be remembered by Ghanaians for his exemplary leadership, competence, credibility and his quick response to challenges as far as the transformation of Accra is concerned.
This Mayor is none other than Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, former Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly and also the current Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South Constituency.
Hon. Okoe Vanderpuije with full backing from a dynamic and competent President, John Dramani Mahama, was able to achieve a lot for the good people of Greater Accra.
He was awarded the best Mayor in Africa by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos on 30th April, 2015 at the 2nd Africa Urban Infrastructure Investment Forum and United Cities and Local Governments-Africa (UCLG-A).
Due to his outstanding performance in Ghana, he became attractive internationally and was elected President of the Global Alliance of Mayors and Leaders from Africa and of Africa Descent on 21st September, 2014 at the United Nations.
The city of Accra can boast of many developments under the unique leadership of Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije.
In 2010, the former Accra Mayor was able to end the canker of “Shift System” of education in Accra.
He also started the construction of the Millennium City Schools in Accra in 2010.
Hon. Vanderpuije established an effective sister-city relation with Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City and the City of New Jersey.
The former Mayor successfully got the Bloomberg Foundation Initiative for Road Safety Program for Accra.
He is credited with the establishment of a stronger relationship with Microsoft for the development of effective technology base in City operations.
The City of Accra, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije as a Mayor, was nominated as one of the five (5) cities with high scores in sanitation and environmental management by the UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa held in 2012. Accra also received the IBM SMART CITY Award in 2012 under the aegis of Mayor Okoe Vanderpuije.
Another achievement chalked by Dr Okoe Vanderpuije was the citation of Accra as the forth (4th ), out of forty-six (46) , best place of doing business and tourist destination by the New York Times in 2013.
The City of Accra, under the leadership of the former Mayor, was declared the Africa City with the highest growth prospects by global payments platform, Master Card, in January.

By William Sarpong

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