Quality Healthcare Delivery Critical to National Development – Prez Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Akufo Addo has stated that quality healthcare delivery is very critical to national development and commended Family Health University College for outstanding contribution to compliment government’s efforts in the delivery of sound healthcare to Ghanaians.
This was contained in a statement delivered on his behalf by the Minister for Health, Hon. Kwaku Agyman-Manu, at the First Graduation and Fourth Matriculation ceremony of Family Health University College, opposite the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping training centre, Teshie.
The President pledged government’s commitment in ensuring that the right to health of all Ghanaians is guaranteed through an established health sector with sustainable ability to deliver affordable, equitable and easily accessible healthcare.
“We will therefore support every effort by private individuals towards capacity-building and increase the number of health professionals and health infrastructure development in the country.”
President Akufo-Addo disclosed that globally, there is growing need for high quality health workforce for health care delivery.
He, however, noted that inadequate staff, poor distribution of available staff and refusal of health professional to accept posting to deprived areas have become a major concern fronting the health sector
“Though Ghana has made some progress with doctors to population ratio of 1: 8,098 in 2017, nurse to population ratio of 1:720 (2017) and midwife to population ratio of 1:799 (2017), these statics indicate that with this trend of performance, it will be difficult for the country to achieve the recommended population ratio to health worker by WHO standards.”
The Health sector, President Akufo-Addo noted needs to move beyond the usual business way of doing things in order to deliver quality and people-centred health care service.
He charged the students to help project the image of the health sector and that the Ministry expects them to build on core values such as: excellence, equity, accountability, confidentiality, professionalism and integrity.
The Ministry of Health, he indicated, is in the process of instituting free post graduate training for all medical officers pursuing specialist programs.
The Ministry, he said, is also in the process of finalising its Human Resource Policy, the National Health Policy and restructuring of the National Health Insurance Scheme to help ensure improved quality health care to all people living in Ghana.
The President congratulated the founder of Family Health Hospital and the University College, Prof. Kwawukume and Dr. Susu Kwawukume for their enduring vision to provide comprehensive and quality 24-hour medical care in Ghana, Africa and beyond.
In his address, the President of Family Health University College, Prof. Enyknam Yao Kwawukume averred that Family Health University College strives to maintain an atmosphere of improvement in all its activities and tasked the students to fully maximize their capabilities and performances while they pursue academic work.
“I challenge you to go beyond the accustomed performance limit in order to create new opportunities for yourselves; you can achieve excellent performance through continuous learning. I want to see you in the future and be proud.”
He entreated them to live dedicated and selfless lives as their choice of career demands, in order to save lives within the communities, Ghana and the world at large.
“We are going to demand from you that which is noble, upright and sincere. The opportunities we gave you could form the basis for your future success if you are able to develop problem solving skills, and also form good habits during your stay in Family Health University College; creativity and critical thinking should be your goal.”

By William Sarpong

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