Ken Ofori Atta Is Tragically Incompetent – Fifi Kwetey

Member of Parliament for Ketu South Constituency,  the Hon.  Franklin Fifi Kwetey, has accused Mr. Ken Ofori Atta, of failing to show maturity by acknowledging the solid foundation bequeathed him and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government by the previous administration.

He argued that the solid economic foundation that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government left is what the Finance Minister is building on and yet is tragically in competent to acknowledge it

Hon. Fifi Kwetey who was contributing to the 2019 Budget debate in Parliament noted that the competence of the Finance Minister is questionable, if he could not recognise the effort of those whose work he is exploiting.

Mr. Ken Ofori Atta, he said,was almost lyrical claiming the previous administration left a mess behind and yet in the midst of his boasting, there is wailing and crying in the country due to unprecedented levels of increased hardship and suffering.

The Ketu South MP enumerated a number of scenarios that he claimed demonstrates the incompetence and ingratitude of the Finance Minister.

He said, “Does it not take unprecedented levels of incompetence to describe over US$6 billion of gross reserve handed to you as a mess. If you describe that as incompetence then we need to clap for your capacity in terms of competence because over $6 billion of gross reserve cannot be described as a mess by any person who is competent.” 

“When you boast about competence and yet companies are on their knees and laying off workers on day to day basis then your level of competence has to be questioned.”

“If you actually have handed over to you almost one million metric tons of cocoa when you have done nothing and you call it incompetence and a mess, then we need to clap for your unprecedented levels of incompetence and your unprecedented capacity to understand what solid foundation actually is.

“If you actually describe a situation where we handed over to you a cedi fund of US$530 million as a mess, then we have to worry about your unprecedented levels of incompetence.”

“If we hand over to you a situation where we have resolved the energy crises and did the kind of investments that all previous governments were unable to do and you describe that as a mess, then we need to applaud you for your unprecedented level of incompetence .”

 Hon. Fifi Kwetey argued that Mr. Ken Ofoi Atta’s continued description of these scenarios and many more investments by the NDC government as a mess exposes his massive levels of incompetence.

He stressed the need to have a complete redefinition of competence as far as the Minister of Finance and the NPP government is concerned, judging from their performance since assuming there ins of power.

The Ketu South MP noted that a challenge thrown by the Finance Minister to the Minority to mention one social intervention that the NDC did while in government exposes his lack of capacity to understand that potable water that was provided to the people of his hometown of Kyebi is a massive social intervention that lifts up the well being of the people.

“The President, for 12 years as MP for that constituency, was unable to provide water for his people and in less than four years, the NDC has been able to that and yet you stand in Parliament and ask us about social intervention,” he said.

 The MP noted that Ghana’s total debt from theera of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to 2016 was approximately GH¢120 billion but the Finance Minister and the NPP government have added almost half of that to the country’s debt accumulation in just in 21 months.

He argued that despite this unprecedented level of debt accumulation, the NPP government cannot point to any infrastructure investment as evidence of its massive borrowing.

Fifi Kwetey averred that the NPP coming into government had access to approximately GH¢1.4 billion from GETFund but almost GH¢1billion of that amount was consumed and about GH¢400million left for infrastructure development.

He argued that government after consuming that money is now going to borrow $500 million to do exactly what that GETFund money was set aside to do, build infrastructure.

The Minister, he said, dares talk about competence when he actually has gross levels of incompetence because no competent person would do such a thing.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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