The tyrannical attitude of the President and his ailing administration has reached monstrous and intolerable levels and stands the chance of killing the spirit of Ghana’s Public Service. If not crushed, this poor standard administration may crush the hopes of decent people of this country.

For the past 22 months, Freedom of Speech has never been guaranteed to the good people of this country, as the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana stipulates. The Public Service is always under threat of being sabotaged if they voice out irregularities in the system. Their core mandates have been reduced to sycophancy and daily praises of the administration,  even if it goes against the records. These acts and many others have silently introduced the ‘culture of silence’ into Ghana’s Public Service.

Is the President the Lawyer we were made to know? Does he believe in Ghana and Ghana’s Constitution? Is he the supposed human rights and public interest Lawyer we were made to support in the fight against injustice? Why is he and the couple of Lawyers around him having a taste for lawlessness and chosen the path of vindictiveness against Innocent Ghanaians?

In all human history, every suppressed group of people massively revolts against the tyrant; Ghana has reached that level. The daily hardship faced by ordinary Ghanaians against these tyrannical acts can explode any moment from now.

In Ghana today:

  1. Teachers and Heads of Schools can no more carry out their academic mandate of speaking against the ills affecting their profession. They are made not to speak about the shambolic double track system, the not-well-thought-through free SHS, the needs of their profession and the challenges they face each academic year;
  2. The Police Service can no more act as directed by the constitution to protect the law of this country. The lawless invincible and delta forces could not be prosecuted because the police have been rendered toothless by persons occupying the Flagstaff House. They cannot even effect arrest on hoodlums, mainly affiliated to the NPP party; and
  3. The case of the suspended Regional EOCO boss who gave free advice to the President on acts of stinking corruption under his administration to be treated first. This is a high level of intolerance exhibited by the present administration. Can EOCO officials, henceforth, fight corruption and organised crime in this country?

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) must rise from it’s slumber and do the needful; their honeymoon with the presidency and the NPP is killing the Labour front. They must resume work and fight for the rights of workers. They must also comment on the unbearable hardship Ghanaians are going through each day under this administration. Ghanaian workers are gradually losing hope in the TUC.

The Social Revolution is coming. Mr. President,  reverse your decision on the Regional EOCO boss or face the accumulated anger of Ghanaians.

Long Live Ghana

Long Live the Truth

Long Live the People’s Power and the People’s Revolution

Source: Lawrence Lamptey (Youth Activist)

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