The President of Ga-Dangme Council of Wulomei, Numo Blafo III has set the record straight by disclosing that there is no Wulomo who is ‘Overlord of the Ga-Dangme State’ as claimed by some Wulomo in Nungua.

“There is no such title as ‘Overlord of Ga-Dangme. GaDangme is made up of different paramountcies and therefore one group could not be superior to the other.”

He revealed this at a press conference organized by the Ga State Wulomo to express their displeasure at the manner their customs are being turned upside down.

The statement, according to the Wulomo, was made by Asafoatse Kojo Mankata when he went to Nungua for a visit and Gborbu Wulomo, Numo Borketey Larweh. According to them, the Ga Mantse has to be sent to Nungua before he can become the legitimate Ga Mantse.

He disclosed that the Gborbu Wulomo who is claiming to be overlord of the Ga State has no authority in the Ga State.

According to him, the Ga Mantse is under custom to submit himself to anyone before becoming Ga Mantse.

He explained that before one is installed Ga Mantse, the person has to be nominated, selected and confined for three or seven days after which he is outdoored.

The Jorbu shrine Numo, Blafo III mentioned, was moved to Nungua to become Gborbu after settling at Nungua and therefore, the Gborbu Wulomo has no authority over Ga State.

Nii Dzaase Amarjorbui Wulomo, Jorbu We Dzaase of the Atukpi shrine stated that if there is any such authority, then it should rather reside in Jorbu shrine not in Gborbu shrine.

He said the Gborbu Wulomo cannot even cross the Kpeshie Lagoon so how can he even become the overlord.

By William Sarpong


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