The Eastern Region office of the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) has, as a result of their intensive community outreach programmes, received 1300 complaints from customers between January and October this year, out of which 120 are related to customers who have not received their bills for using electricity ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

The Eastern Regional Manager, Jude Aduamoah-Addo, speaking during a press briefing in Koforidua said due to their intervention these customers are now receiving their bills for the first time, resulting in increase in revenue mobilization of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Jude Aduamoah-Addo, addressing one of such public forum at James Town, a farming community at Old Abirem in the Birim North District, noted with concern how in some instances, 15 houses were connected to one meter.

A situation, he described, as dangerous because it can lead to fire outbreaks due to the overload of the meter, he observed.

He also observed that most of the wires used in that unauthorized inter connectivity are substandard and can lead to increase in power consumption and the resultant increase in bills.

He therefore urged ECG to extend the supply of adequate poles to the affected communities especially in the rural areas to avert avoidable fire outbreaks in the future.

The communities PURC Officers visited among many are Akateng in the Upper Manya District, New Jejeti in Kwahu West and James Town in the Birim North District. In each of these communities visited the people who were in attendance were more than 80, he said.

By Worlali S. Ametewee, Koforidua


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