Dzorwulu Residents Issue Ultimatum …Fix Our Bad Roads before December

Residents of Dzorwulu have issued an ultimatum to Department of Urban Roads and the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly to fix the bad roads in the community before December 2018 else they would give way to their anger.

According to the residents, roads in the Dzorwulu community have in the past few years been left to deteriorate beyond tolerable levels; from potholes to practically ‘manholes.’

In a release copied to the Daily Democrat newspaper, the residents pointed out that as a result, they have to live with frequent high cost of vehicle repairs, increased accidents in the course of dodging potholes and flooding among many other.

“As tax-paying residents of Dzrowulu and Ghanaians at that, we demand the Department of Urban Roads and the Municipal Assembly to explain why the roads have been neglected to deteriorate to these levels,” they demand.

In an interview with Nii Amu Djoleto who signed the release on behalf of the residents, he noted that should the two institutions fail to take the necessary steps to fix the roads by December, “We would be left with no choice but to take drastic actions including open protests.”

According to Amu Djoleto, the Afua Sutherland road from the Abelenkpe Junction on the Obasanjo Road to the N1 and the Kwabena Aniefe street are examples of the very bad roads that are spoiling their vehicles.

He disclosed that a concerned citizen, Mr. Ralph Sutherland, sent a petition to the Department but he did not receive any favrourable response.

“The community realized if we do not follow up on Mr. Ralph’s petition with our own demands, nothing would be done about our concerns,” he stated.

Residents, he said, are reminding Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Hon. Emmanuel Agyarko and Assembly woman for the Dzorwulu Electoral Area of their duties and responsibilities as representatives of the people.

These two, he said, should be seen to be working in the interest of the residents and the community.



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