The Northern Development Fund has stated that the only solution to the yearly flooding in the Northern Ghana is for Government to accelerate all processes towards the construction of the Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam (PMD).

The project, according to the NDF, has been on the drawing board since 1964 including similar onesand therefore, are the only solution to what they described as “needless loss of lives, property and the alarming increase of poverty in Northern Ghana.

This was disclosed at a press conference by Chairman of NDF, Major Albert Don-Chebe (Rtd) to highlight the perennial flooding in Northern Ghana including the Deplorable state of infrastructure and the exorbitant prices of building materials like cement etc. in Northern Ghana.

The press conference was also in response to the citizens’ demand for evidence to be provided regarding efforts being made to address the Northern Ghana Development Agenda.

“Experts have identified water conservation, harnessing flood waters as well as groundwater for irrigation as the key to unleashing the immense agricultural potential of the Northern Savannah”.

“While a bag of cement costs GH¢29 in Tema, it cost GH¢40.00 in Zebilla in the Upper East Region and in Tumu in the Upper West Region. This means that, a building in the North will cost at least 25% more than the same building in Accra.”

The NDF called on Government, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations, Parliament and Political Parties to come out with objective analyses and avenues to dialogue on what needs improving in the three regions in particular and the country in general.

“It is in the interest of Ghana that no part of Ghana is left behind as we devote all our energies to move our country forward and solve basic development challenges like protection from the ravages of floods, water conservation for irrigation, non-existence of infrastructure and unequal pricing of key development inputs like cement and iron rods.”

By William Sarpong


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