Korle-Bu Critical Care Nursing School to Extend Services to Africa – Principal

The Principal for School of Peri-Operative and Critical Care Nursing (SPOCN) at Korle-Bu, Dr. Kwaku Asante Krobea, has stated that the school would move its services to other Africa countries.

According to him, the institution has been the only one in West Africa and can only achieve this with the support of the government and other relevant stakeholders in the health sector.

“We will expand our services to cover the whole of Africa because our interactions with other Africa countries show that in the whole of Africa, it is only South Africa that has an institution like this,” he told the media in an interview during a dinner as part of activities to mark the school’s 20th Anniversary Celebration in Accra.

The anniversary was preceded by a grand launch held in the school’s premises, health screening exercise for a community called Glefe, a suburb of Accra among others.

Peri-Operatives and Critical Care Nurses are mostly found in the intensive care unit of hospitals and responsible for the health needs of patients that require surgery at the hospital.

They are responsible for the care of the patient prior, during and after the surgery, so they are not often seen within the communities.

“We have also train for countries in the West Africa Sub-region and now that we have assumed this status of under-graduates school, it is the University of Cape Coast that has granted us the accreditation for us to train them at the degree level,” the principal disclosed.

He stated that the school needs to move out of West Africa and go to East Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa as well as advertise the nature and purpose of the institution.

“In fact, because we don’t have an institution like this in most part of Africa, these countries send their students to Europe and America to train as Peri-Operative and Critical Care Nurses” Dr. Kwaku Asante disclosed.

He stated, “It is important that the government supports us to acquire the necessary infrastructure expansion so that we can extend our services to other Africa countries.”

Dr. Krobea said the school currently takes 90 students each for Peri-Operative and Critical Care Nursing, which sums up to 180 intakes.

“It is our desire that as we move on, we would have a total of 200 each so that we can have 400 students at a time,” he stressed.

The Principal said health facilities with theater or intensive care units can only function effectively with Critical Care Nurses and Peri-Operative Nurses.

“We are the only graduate school of nursing that trains such critical staff and we are training them for all the health facilities in the country. So every year, we recruit from the various health institutions in Ghana who have set up theaters, intensive care units because there is a need for it,” he added.

On the anniversary, Dr. Krobea said the 20th anniversary was worth celebrating considering the successes they have chalked as an institution adding, “At this point, we can give glory to God and say that our vision has lived on.”

“We have something to show, that indeed we came into existence as an educational institution for a purpose and my pleasure then is to acknowledge the fact that it is worth celebrating 20 years anniversary of our existence,” he declared.

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