Our attention has been drawn to two false, mischievous and unfounded newspaper
publications today regarding the appointment of Major General Sampson Kudjo Adeti (Rtd) as the Security Coordinator of the John Mahama 2020 Campaign.
The syndicated publications create a misleading impression that Major General Adeti is a
serving officer of the Ghana Armed Forces. It is obvious that either no effort was made to verify the facts or that the newspapers deliberately set out to publish falsehood to mislead the public.
For the avoidance of doubt and to set the records straight, Major General Sampson Kudjo Adeti is a retired distinguished officer of the Ghana Armed Forces. His terminal leave ended on 13th August, 2018, after nearly 37 years of dedicated and professional service to Ghana.
Until his retirement, he had served in various important Command and Staff positions in the Ghana Armed Forces, including Instructor in training institutions.
From 2013 to 2016, Major General Adeti (Rtd) was the General Officer Commanding the
Southern Command of the Ghana Army and Chief of Staff, a Member of the Military High
Command of the Ghana Armed Forces from January 2016 till he was compulsorily retired by the NPP government on 10th February 2017.
Major General Adeti has impeccable academic qualifications as well as a sterling record of military service. He holds four Master’s Degrees in International Affairs, Development Studies, Business Administration and Defence and Strategic Studies, and the John Mahama 2020 Campaign Team is proud of his inclusion.


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