Creation of More Constituencies Not Sustainable – Majority leader

Majority leader in Parliament and Member for Suame Constituency, the Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, has expressed deep apprehension about the trend where more constituencies are created every ten years thereby increasing the number of Members of Parliament.

According to him, the phenomenon is not sustainable and therefore should be halted immediately.

He recalled that in the past he had warned about the trend and questioned whether it is sustainable and whether the country would be able to accommodate it.

Hon. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu gave the warning while concluding debate for the adoption of the report of the Appointment’s Committee on President Akufo-Addo’s nomination of four judges as Justices of the Supreme Court.

He noted that the trend started when the Justice Annan Committee added 60 constituencies to what had been adopted in the past taking the number from 140 constituencies to 200.

“Then from 200 constituencies it went to 230 and then to 275. Mr. Speaker, where is the next leap going to land,” he queried?

“When we were increasing the number by 45 I sounded a warning that we should be very careful. What it means is that under one administration we have increased the number by 105 constituencies and under another by 30.”

“How can we sustain this and how can this country accommodate it?”

The Majority leader argued that this is a matter Parliament should really test the brains of superior persons in order to affect the House to create appropriate legislation because the ten year increment phenomenon is far from sustainable.

According Hon. Keyi-Mensah-Bonsu, it would be important to test the brains of the Supreme Court judges on the matter among many other pertinent constitutional issues in order to draw from their rich experiences on the understanding of the Constitution and the law.

He said, “It is a very good opportunity to interrogate them and what they say will help us develop the appropriate legislations.”

He argued that it is not for nothing the 1992 Constitution has made provisions that secure the lives of former Presidents thereby not allowing them to engage in jobs because the state will take care of them.

Critical constitutional issues, he said, have been raised about former President John Dramani Mahama’s wishes to contest elections again.

“If the former President applies for the job and loses the opportunity can he come back and ask the state to provide for him again,” he queried?

These and the other such important matters, he said, are technical issues that Parliament would enrich itself and the Constitution if the House interrogates nominees to the Supreme Court for suggestions of how to craft legislations to address them.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/

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