Demand for Fertilizer Increases as a Result of Planting for Food & Jobs – Fertilizer Dealer

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A fertilizer dealer in the Ashanti Region, Mr. John Kwabena Owusu has revealed that demand for fertilizer and its associated farm inputs have significantly increased as a result of government’s flagship planting for food and jobs programme.

He said over the years, demand normally goes up higher but this year it was significant not only because of the planting for food and jobs programme but the subsidization of the fertilizer.

Many young youth are yearning to go into farming but the cost of farming inputs normally drives them away but today they are using the availability of the fertilizer subsidy alongside government efforts to actively participate.

“Farming without the requisite inputs is very difficult because 75% of our local farmers can hardly afford huge sums of money to venture into farming. Therefore, support from the previous government and the current administration must be commended.

Mr. Kwabena stressed that government should further put in place structures to conform with the demand since the fertilizer subsidy is key to farmers output.

He appealed to government to make available storage and processing facilities and factories that would increase productivity.

By Benjamin Asalimba



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