SHUT-UP! – Amewu tells Ghanaians

…Stop complaining about fuel prices

Minister for Energy, Hon. John Peter Amewu, has told Ghanaians to just accept the current increase of fuel price and stop whining because if not for the intervention of President Akufo Addo and the NPP Government, petrol price would have been much higher.

Addressing the press about happenings in the Energy Sector, Mr. Amewu pointed out that due to government tax interventions; both petrol and diesel are selling at GH¢5.120 per litre.

The prices for the previous window, he indicated, was GH¢4.90 for petrol and GH¢4.94 for diesel, representing change in prices from the previous window by 4.49% for petrol and 3.64% for diesel.

“Without government intervention, prices would have been GH¢5.54 for Petrol and GH¢5.75 for diesel. This would have been 13% increase in the price of Petrol and 12% increase in the price of diesel.”

“As a result of government intervention, however, petrol is 9% less expensive than it should have been without the interventions. Diesel is 8% less expensive than it would have been without government interventions.”

Many Ghanaians, however, believe Mr. Amewu’s remark was very disappointing, loose and an insult to voters who voted for NPP to come to power.

Ghanaians voted for President Akufo-Addo and the NPP based on the campaign promise, which included a promise that his government would make fuel affordable and that the Special Petroleum Tax of 17.5% would be taken off completely.

Some displeased Ghanaians argued that because Hon. Peter Amewu now gets everything free including fuel, he has so soon forgotten that majority of Ghanaians buy their fuel.

Angry Taxi and Tro-tro drivers have called on the President to compel Hon. Amewu to apologize to the entire nation for his insulting comment.

They also want the President and his government to fix the economy and stop the comparison and blame game.

Meanwhile the Minority in Parliament is demanding petroleum price to be slashed by 10%.

Hon. John Jinapor disclosed in an interview that the benchmark price is now about $77, indicating that Ghana is getting extra $20 on every single barrel that is exported.

By Kwame Atuapim


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