The Clutter in Early Childhood Development Centers: The Elim Spring Academy (Esa) Model

Identifying which early Childhood Development Center is ideal for your toddler can be daunting, especially due to the presence of so many setups springing up within every nook and cranny.

Quality curriculum, the investment required (cost), competent teaching and non-teaching staff, infrastructure, just to mention a few are all important factors to be considered before sending your precious child to any childhood development center.

Especially for a busy parent who doesn’t compromise, getting the best of the above mentioned variables although can be difficult, yet can rest because the Elim Springs Academy, which is located at Achimota Mile 7, near Milton Hotel, has the solution you require.

With a school that has strong Christian foundation, operating the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum. The School utilizes the school of Tomorrow program as part of the ACE curriculum; this is a biblically based education program geared to meeting the learning needs of individual children.

As part of the school’s second anniversary and graduation ceremony, the proprietress of ESA, Mrs Annette Baidoo mentioned her joy after painstakingly, finding teachers with passion and love for the children. She mentioned that the school is prepared to pursue academic excellence in the Christian Accelerated Program, which forms the bedrock of a sustainable future for the children of ESA.

This curriculum is a unique program that is self-instructional, individually prescribed mastery and Godly character building -based curriculum materials. The ACE is built on five basic laws of learning which are:

Students must be at subject levels where they can perform; Students must set reasonable goals; Students must be controlled and motivated; Learning must be measurable;

Learning must be rewarded; ESA accepts children from age 6months up to 12 years.

Pupils are thus taking through step-by-step approaches guided by these basic laws in learning. The ACE Curriculum ensures that: With its existence these two years, Quality Teaching and Learning can be attested at ESA as being done in a caring and stimulating environment. ESA’s Vision is to teach the children with the love of God in their day to day routine and train them in the way they should go so that they would not depart from it when they grow up

Goal setting, Scripture, Godly Character building. Biblical principles are incorporated; a child is placed at her/his exact academic ability through periodic diagnostic testing; Stresses The individual uniqueness is stressed and encouraged;bTeachers are aptly responsible and accountable; Teachers acquire and use critical thinking skills; Computer technology is utilized; Parental involvement is encouraged; Life is viewed from God’s perspective Distinctively, ESA has a ‘Step by Step curriculum for tiny tots’ which has two sections. This distinct curriculum has;

The Teaching and Learning carved towards the child developing life skills that would aid them to master through life; each daily lesson is themed with a memory verse, and story  which is linked to leaning,

Seventeen (17) Graduands successfully passed out from the Kindergarten level with various honors. They would still remain and continue basic education in the school.


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