Aspiring National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ambassador Dan Abodakpi, has pledged to heal and unite the NDC Party if voted Chairman.

Ambassador Abodakpi noted that the NDC can only be rebuilt if the hurts of members are healed to ensure unity, while the party reconnects to its mass grassroots base to regain and restore its real identity and fortunes.

“I am confident I have what it takes to lead the party through this vital rebuilding exercise and to secure victory in 2020.”

Team Abodakpi led by former Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Joe Gidisu and Bill Boglo Hedo, Campaign Coordinator of Ambassador Dan Abodakpi gave the pledge when they submitted the nomination forms on his  behalf at the Party Headquarters.

He expressed optimism that his victory would signify the much awaited turning point towards rebuilding the party through upholding its valued principles.

“My election will represent a new hope for the party to mobilize and reconnect with members and galvanize the progress of the party.”

Ambassador Dan Abodakpi averred that as a unifier and visionary, he has the ability to unite all the factions in the party to work together with firm purpose to promote the interest and welfare of the NDC Party.

Hon. Dan Abodakpi said he plans to build a party that is able to guide its government in enhancing the welfare of Ghanaians so as to give true meaning to the character of the NDC as a social democratic party.”

The NDC, he said, has to be a very strong and resilient party and that he has the ability to make it happen when voted as National Chairman.

He appealed to all party members, particularly constituency and regional executives to forge ahead in unity and support his candidature towards reviving the party to win the 2020 general elections.

Former Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Joe Gidisu stated that Ambassador Abodakpi has all it takes and the leadership qualities to lead the NDC party to victory in 2020.

The NDC Party, he said, is full of qualified people who can lead it at anytime but added that at the moment, Hon. Dan Abodakpi stands tall among the contestants.

 By William Sarpong


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