A 72-year old widow of Akyem Swedru, Madam Victoria Esi Tanoa, has accused the Paramount Chief of Akyem Bosome traditional area, Nana Oworae Agyekum III of stealing.

The accusation was contained in a strong worded letter to demand the immediate refund off all funds the chief is alleged to have received from ATC in respect of payment for an MTN mast for the period 2012 to 2017.

New Picture (1)
ana Oworae Agyekum III in the middle

According to the woman, the Omanhene fraudulently collected payment for a mast on her land at Akyem Swedru in the Eastern Region, an action she describes as criminal.

“I am putting it to you that the area of law in connection with the way and manner you have moved to steal my money is fraud, defrauding by false pretence, impersonation etc. which is a criminal offence.”

“That as a board member of the Southern Belt Authority and a former World Bank Official in the United States of America, you have been stealing my money through dubious and raudulent means for the past five years.”

The late Mr. Kwame Pinkrah, the brother of the queen mother came to my residence one afternoon and reliably informed me that you, as a paramount chief, had written a letter for him to sign indicating that my plot was only one (1) instead of two plots.

That following which, the late Mr. Kwame Pinkrah rendered unreserved apology to me for signing the letter and same advised me strongly to engage a lawyer to assist me in order to get my land.

That you may recall that in the year 2017, you also made several attempts criminally to steal my money until ATC Ghana Ltd. a reputable company in charge of the MTN Mast got to know and thereby terminated “THE AGREEMENT”.

New Picture (2)
Madam Victoria Esi Tanoa

That as a single parent, widow and a member of the ruling party the NPP, from UP era and Dr. Busia’s Regime, I am giving you notice of seven (7) days ultimatum of demand warrant to report yourself to the Police.

In another development, the State Linguist (Omankyeame) of Akim Bosome Traditional Area, Nana Abrokwah Gyampim II in an acknowledgement letter to Madam Tanoa has stressed that, the Late Mr. Charles Tabi Antwi genuinely purchased two plots of land in the year 1982, which are Plot No. 30 and 31 and therefore no one has the right to receive any form of payment from the land.

He also confirmed the late Takyi’s disagreement with the elders when he noticed the deceitful intent to rob him of his inheritance and that on the 23rd March, 2009, the Late Mr. Charles Tabi Antwi wrote a letter of withdrawal of consent to the Scancom Ltd now MTN.

He also noted that to date, neither the other signatories nor himself knew or are aware that Nana Oworae Agyekum III whom Nana Abrokwah Gyampim II together with the queen mother slaughtered a sheep to signify his destoolment for serious damning charges was enjoying the properties of the late Charles Tabi Antwi in a fraudulent manner.

The woman in 2016 also in a letter alerted MTN and subsequently ATC, agents for the MTN mast of the anomaly in respect of wrong payment to the Omanhene and demanded cancellation.

ATC informed him and offered an opportunity to prove he is the legitimate owner of the plot but he failed.

The widow in 2016 sent this letter to MTN

“I write to register my displeasure about the unfair treatment in the erection of a telecommunication mast at Akyem Swedru in the Eastern Region on my late husband’s piece of land since 2007.

The arrangement initiated between my late husband and your company strangely saw the involvement of the Traditional Council for the payment.

My late husband expressed his disagreement about the arrangement but your company refused to rectify the anomaly. Your company also, for whatever reason, failed to make full disclosure about the amount involved in the deal contrary to tenets of good corporate governance.

Once again, I wish to state that the piece of land under consideration is the bona-fide property of my late husband and no other person(s). I therefore remind you to deal directly with me to pay all outstanding amounts for the use of the land since 2007 and signing of a new agreement, if you wish to maintain the facility on the land.

I bring to your notice that my late husband received only one thousand two hundred Ghana (GH¢1,200.00) through the dubious arrangement he protested against.

It is against this background that I wish to entreat you to use your good office to ensure fairness so that this poor widow is not denied her inheritance.”

The consistent letters to MTN/ATC by the 72-year old widow finally yielded results when they wrote to terminate their dealing with NANA OWORAE AGYEKUM III in a letter dated 19th March, 2018.

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