Volta Caucus in Parliament Congratulates NDC for Successful Regional Elections

The Volta Caucus in Parliament wishes to congratulate the National Democratic Congress for what has been a very successful, peaceful and credible regional election across the country.

We extend our felicitations to all newly elected executive especially the Volta Regional NDC Executive led by John Kwadwo Gyapong and assure them of our unflinching support as a Caucus.

May we emphasize that we are particularly impressed with the show of unity and maturity within our party ahead of the crucial 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

We are convinced that a renewed spirit of dedication and putting the party and our country first will place us in good stead to rescue this nation from the wanton mismanagement of our national resources, politics of deception, unprecedented corruption, super incompetence, failed promises and the abysmal performance that has defined the Akufo-Addo Government.

We wish to emphasize that there are no losers in this weekend’s elections. The NDC won. Let us all come together and pursue the higher objective of rescuing our beloved country. One does not need to carry an official title to put their shoulders to the wheel for there’s so much work for everybody.

We hope all elected comrades will be magnanimous in victory and quickly put in place programmes to bring everybody on board for victory 2020.

We salute all delegates for their discernment and assure them of our deep respect for their decisions.

Our prayers and thoughts are with our colleagues in the Eastern Region who sustained injuries in that rather unfortunate motor accident.

We wish all journey mercies and pray that the Good Lord will bless our efforts and crown our sacrifices with sweet victory on December 7, 2020.


Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah Chairman, Volta Caucus.




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