Victims of a demolition exercise at Kasoa Iron City, which was ordered by the MCE of Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly, Hon. Michael Mensah, have threatened to drag the MCE to Court to seek justice for demolishing their properties without court order.

Speaking in an interview with the caretaker of the structures and lands in question, Atta Allotey, he noted that the land and the facilities belong to the family of the late owner of Kata Hotel on the Lapaz-Kwashieman Road.

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He continued that the owner passed on to glory and so the property, which the deceased bequeathed to his children for that matter his family was duly registered and the documents are available.

Atta Allotey stressed that he as the caretaker is surprised to hear that the Awutu Municipal Assembly planned to demolish the structures on the said lands because it belonged to one Afi who claimed that the land is for her and not the Kata Family.

He said the demolition is tantamount to contempt of court because the land dispute is in court awaiting judgment.

Atta Allotey further noted that the Kata Man who acquired the land said he wanted to use the place as a centre for employment for the youth in the catchment area for more jobless youths to get work to do but he was taken ill and he died and his children took over just for the MCE and Kasoa District Police Commander to allegedly mess up the agenda for job creation by the careless demolition.

The Caretaker noted further that Awutu Senya East Assembly once made their desire to sack occupants on the land dealing in various businesses but he as the caretaker told them the land belongs to Kata family, adding that even the Kata family once met the leadership of the Assembly and they told them that the facility is for Kata and so if any other person is claiming it they can go and challenge that in court.

Atta Allotey therefore emphasized that he is surprised that instead of going to court the police and the Assembly teamed up to do the irresponsible and illegal demolition.

He noted that he did not believe his ears when he had a phone call from the Kata family that the Assembly had demolished the structures in question despite the meeting with the MCE on the facility and the need to resort to the courts to address the issue by any interested party.

He said he does not understand why the demolishing party claims they did the demolition as a result of order from above.

He said during the demolition, he confronted the Kasoa Police on the grounds but the police could not answer and rather asked him to take their vehicle number and meet their bosses.

He said he has been the caretaker of the place for 18 years and that it is for Kata and not one Afi that the MCE claims is the owner of the place so the Kata family stressed that they will drag the MCE to Court for redress and that they will not allow themselves to be maltreated in their own country.

He noted that these are the ways and means that people damage the name of government so he called on the President Nana Akufo-Addo to intervene for sanity to prevail.

One Mr. Samuel Amoako, an Air Conditioner Dealer and Technician on the said land who also lost his shop and items during the demolition, said some few months ago the Assembly sent them a letter that they were squatters so they should leave the place but they replied that they are not squatters and that they have a landlord in the person of the late Kata who legally owns the land.

He said they together with the caretaker sent the land documents to Awutu Senya East Assembly to prove that they are legally occupying the place, just for the Assembly to irresponsibly demolish the place recently.

The Air- Conditioned Dealer said the MCE has to explain whether he was put there to be in –charge of demolitions or for the welfare of the people, stressing that due to the action of the MCE he has lost his business and does not have anything to take care of his family and urged the Government to call Hon. Mensah to order.

When the MCE was contacted on phone he said no one needs a court order to demolish a structure that is illegally placed or built at the wrong place and insisted that that land is not for the Kata family and that if anyone is in doubt they should contact the Assembly’s engineer.

By C/R Correspondent


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