Nii Abbey Okanfrah I Extols Chiefs and People of Sapeiman

The Nɔyaa (Development) Mantse of Sapeiman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sissamba Company Limited, Nii Abbey Okanfrah I, has paid glowing tribute to the Chiefs and people of Sapeiman for a unique community structure.


According to him, the exemplary magnanimity of the royals of Sapeiman has succeeded in bringing people of different backgrounds together to form a larger family for peaceful co-existence in harmony and prosperity.

Nii Abbey Okanfrah I who was addressing a durbar of chiefs and people of Sapeiman during the celebration of Homowo of the area stressed that their efforts deserve attention.

He said, “The chiefs and people of Sapeiman deserve to be pointed with the right finger instead of the chin for what we stand for as exemplary people in the Amasaman Municipal area.”

“Today we celebrate Homowo in connection with the occasion of the 25th royal anniversary of Sapeiman and we pray for eternal blessing for our chiefs and people.”

This year’s Homowo celebration in Sapeiman, he said, has thrown a challenge to the Amasaman Municipality, Ghana and the world as a whole because a unique and very different story has been told.

He noted that it is only in Sapeiman, which is separated by a major highway, where its people have resolved to live with one purpose and stressed, “It is only here that the Homowo is being celebrated with full participation of the Zongo community.”

“It is only here that a son of a Northern Mossi farmer is found among the royals.”

“Isn’t this phenomenon laudable and exemplary in a Ga State where internal bickering and chieftaincy clashes are becoming the order of the day?”

The story of Sapeiman, he said, where people from the right and left, north and south and above and below co-exist in perfect harmony must be told and its chiefs and people applauded.

He prayed God to shower the chiefs with wisdom and abundance and the people enough understanding for peaceful co-existence.

Nii Abbey Okanfrah I thanked the chiefs, the locals and visitors who attended the celebration of the Homowo and 25th anniversary.



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