Newly–elected chairman for the Kwadaso Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Issah Moro, has disclosed that his quest is to ensure the party returns to power in 2020.

He and his executive team, he said, have decided to operate an “open door” administration where party faithful can freely approach them for solution of their problems.

Speaking to this newspaper in an interview, Mr. Moro indicated that in politics numbers is the baseline and stressed that as a new chairman, his major aims are among others to promote peace, unity and stability within the rank and file of the constituency so that every supporter would have the full opportunity to work without hinderance.

He said, “One of my topmost priority is to encourage all aggrieved supporters who, out of confusion or internal misunderstanding, decided to leave the party to come on board to support a common cause towards winning the 2020 general elections.” Chairman Issah indicated that he and his executives would adopt the late Professor Mills’ house-to-house political strategy to campaign at the grass root level and beyond to woo more voters to join in the 2020 victory crusade.

According to him, he has currently acquired a temporary accommodation for the party but intends to rent a permanent one from his own coffers because the landlord of the former constituency office has taken back his house.

He stressed that as executive members of the constituency, they will fight to the hilt until the party wins the 2020 general elections.

The chairman assured that with his hardworking executives, increasing the constituency’s votes would be their ultimate priority.

He urged his opponent to bury his differences, feel free to come on board and work with him because the NDC as a one big family does promote discrimination or division.

Mr. Issa Moro thanked all party supporters for the confidence they have reposed in him by giving him the mandate to become the next chairman of the constituency. He pledged to be transparent, be a good listener, team worker and above all truthful to all party supporters to enhance the wining chances of the party.

He thanked his predecessor, the Ashanti Regional Party executives and those who advised and directed him to enable him win the election.

The Constituency Organizer, Mohammadu Nurudiin Bonuedie assured that the executive members would rally behind chairman Issah until victory is declared for the NDC in the 2020 elections.

By King Amoah – Kumasi


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