Victims of the June 3rd fire disaster have appealed to Government and Directors of Goil Co. Ltd to agree on a reasonable amount of compensation for each victim for both the survivors and the families of the deceased.

Addressing the press, a Human Right Lawyer, Mary Ohenewaa Efful, said after the incidence, victims have been neglected to suffer for their faith.

She noted that Goil filling station was at fault because management failed to seal those leakages leading to the cause of the fire witnessed on June 3rd, 2015, which claimed innocent lives.

According to her, it has come to the attention of the victims that monies meant for them that have been donated to government have still not been disbursed to them.

He said they were told that Former President Mahama donated GH¢60,000.00 to each victim but that money have still not been received to date.

They were also told that over 11 Presidents from other countries donated huge sums of monies to the victims but till date no money has been received.

The Lawyer and the victims want to know how the disaster account was created; who was mandated by law to manage it; how were monies paid into that account; and how were monies disbursed from that account.

They also queried if President Akufo Addo has records of the June 3rd, 2015 disaster report.

By William Sarpong



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