Land-Guards Tormenting Property Owners at Peduase

 A group of notorious land-guards led by one Kwasi Agyeman Oduro is said to be terrorizing land owners within the Peduase-Akwapem area in the Eastern region.

The modus operandi of the group is to show up with fake land titles and demolish properties of land owners in the area for no apparent reasons. But for some strange reasons, this Kwasi Agyeman Oduro and his gang seem to have their way anytime they are apprehended by law enforcers.


One such victim of Kwasi Agyeman Oduro’s nefarious acts, Michael Mensah Odia, claimed his building was partly demolished one hot afternoon when Oduro and his thugs stormed his project site with guns to attack him and his workers.

He noted that in the process, the gang made away with an amount of GH¢20,000 that he had earmarked for the purchase of some building materials.

According to Mr. Mensah, he was at his building site to pay workers and have some building materials bought when the incident occurred.

“One of the thugs pointed a gun at me while the others were busily demolishing my structure,” he said.

Mr. Mensah Kodia said he bought the land from Nana Korkor Ntim II, Queen Mother of Asona Family of Kitase who subsequently signed the land documents.

He disclosed that after the incident, he went to the Aburi Police Station and reported the case but is yet to get justice.

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“I met one Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer by name David, after narrating the attack he stated, “This Mr. Oduro again?”Meaning the guy is known by the police.

“David contacted his colleagues who gave him Mr. Oduro’s mobile number, he called Mr. Oduro in my presence and he (Oduro) admitted that yes he sent the land guards to demolish  my property,” Mr. Mensah narrated.

He recounted that Oduro was invited in the presence of the Aburi Police Commander and he again admitted in the presence of the Commander that he sent the land guards to the site.

“Then the Commander ordered he be detained since he has admitted he sent the land guards to carry the action. The next day, I returned a missed call from David who told me that they had released the accused person on medical grounds,” he said.

Mr. Mensah noted that before the accused could be arraigned for court, he was informed that the Eastern Regional Commander had requested for the docket because the Interior Minister is interested in the case.

According to him, a meeting with the Eastern Regional Police Commander in Koforidua has also not yielded any result.

“I want justice because the man (Oduro) has admitted that he sent the land guards. They pointed a gun at me and robbed me of my money. What I want is justice,” he stated.

However, all attempts to reach the Aburi and the Eastern Regional Command have proved futile.

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