Statistics indicate that about 300,000 children are born with pathological haemoglobin each year out of which 70% are sickle cell diseases, Dr. Brown of Holy Covenant Health Center has revealed.

Statistics, he said, also indicate that the prevalence of sickle cell disease in Ghana is about 25% with an estimated 2% births amounting to approximately 15,000 babies born with the disease dropping from the previous 18,000 cases.

As a result of this alarming rate of sickle cell disease in Ghana, the Blood and Genotype Awareness Foundation Ghana led by Dr. Osei Brown, has continued to organize awareness campaigns towards stabilizing the increasing number of children born with SCD.

The outfit is collaborating with key organizations in the country in its bid to sensitize the Ghanaian public about the disease.

Dr. Brown has, over the years, conducted series of health talks and shows to educate parents on the need to examine their health status before getting married in order to avoid giving birth to children with sickle cell diseases.

By David Armstrong/ Benjamin Asalimba

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