Humble political strategist and communications specialist, Mr. Seth Ofori-Ohene, has declared his intention to contest the Vice Chairmanship position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), come September 21, 2018.
Seth Ofori-Ohene has the expertise, the know-how and the experience to bring everyone on board to solidify and cement the NDC’s presence on the ground and position the party as an unbeatable political machine capable of winning every election in the present day political environment.
Seth Ofori-Ohene is a political strategist, brand journalist, communications specialist, public finance analyst and strategic thinker.
During the opposition struggle between 2001and 2008, Seth Ofori-Ohene was at the forefront of NDC politics.
He first served as Press Secretary to Prof Kwesi Botchwey in the 2002 presidential primaries. Seth was subsequently appointed as Press Secretary to Candidate Mills and led the media campaign for the 2004 General elections.
Seth also played a key role leading to the 2008 elections victory. He served as Deputy Director of communications of the party, a position he acquired through recommendations by Prof Mills and John Mahama and later became Director of communications.
Seth Ofori-Ohene, 46, hails from Akuapem Larteh in the Akropong constituency of the Eastern Region.
Seth Ofori-Ohene has been around for a long while and has served the NDC diligently at the very highest level. He brings to the table rich experience in political party organisation.
This brings to four the number of leading members that have expressed their willingness to contest the vice chairmanship slot.
The other contestants include the current Vice-Chairmen of the party Alhaji Sinare, a former Member of Parliament for Abokobi Madina, Alhaji Sorogo and lawyer Chris Akumey.
By William Sarpong



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