Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) demands more action on botched AMERI deal

The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called on H.E. the President to take action on all people who took part in negotiation of the AMERI Novation Agreement.

According to the IPPR, the former Energy Minister,  Mr Boakye Agyarko,  could not have acted alone in this whole renegotiation deal with AMERI.

The Institute has therefore called on the President not to use Mr. Boakye Agyarko as a scapegoat but to make sure all government appointees who played a role in the botched AMERI deal face the consequences.

In a release signed by Eugene B.G Bawelle, the Executive Director of the Institute, he noted that all other officials from the Ministries and Presidency found culpable in the embarrassing renegotiated deal be dealt with appropriately.

“There should be no effort to shield any or some officials; appointees

“We particularly call attention to the following public interest questions:
1. Who were the other government officials who renegotiated the AMERI deal?
2. How exactly was the President misled?
3. Was there any financial loss in renegotiating this deal?
4. How much cost did the State incur on government officials during the renegotiation process?
5. With the huge financial commitment involved in this renegotiated deal, why did the President not consult his
cabinet or Economic Management Team before giving the executive approval?
6. On what basis did the President give such executive approval to the deal?
7. Is it still the belief of this Administration that the AMERI deal was over priced by $150 million?
8. Will the government return to the negotiation table with AMERI and when?
9. Will any failure to renegotiate this deal mean the government has not been truthful to the people of Ghana?
10. When will government resume its commitment to AMERI by way of paying up its debts to the Dubai based company?”

The Institute contends that Government’s prompt response to these relevant questions will not only serve the public interest but also put to rest the unending controversies surrounding this deal.
IPPR warned that AMERI is likely to fall back on the standby Letter of Credit in the next few months if the government delays any further in paying its outstanding debt of $82,660,560.00 to the company.

This, he said, could have dire consequences on the power supply situation and a possible return to load shedding popularly called dumsor.

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