Kwabenya Land Saga: Hassan Ayariga fights Queen Mother and Ga East Assembly

The demolishing of a fence wall belonging to Mr. Hassan Ayariga at the Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) land by the Ga East District Assembly has generated serious misunderstanding between the founder and leader of All People’s Congress (APC) on one side, and the Queen Mother and the Assembly on the other.

Mr. Ayariga accused the Assembly of refusing to accept a cheque he presented to pay off his land documents and rather demanded physical money.

The Assembly has, however, denied the accusation and claimed the bank refused to honour the cheque because Mr. Ayariga’s account is a Savings Account.

The Queen Mother, Naa Korkoi Dagbatey, alleged that Mr. Ayariga stole the land and indicated that the APC leader bought twenty plots of land from one of her brothers without proper documentations and at a cheaper cost than what was agreed by the four royal gates of Odai Ntow Family.

According to the Queen Mother, Mr. Ayariga offered her forty thousand Ghana cedis to ensure the lands and all matters surrounding it were dropped but she refused.

“Mr. Ayariga topped it up to fifty thousand Ghana cedis but I still refused,” she stated.

The four families, she indicated, had agreed to sell some plots of land within their control for sixty thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢60,000) but one of the brothers went behind the family and sold the land to Mr. Ayariga.

“When we noticed what our brother had done, we confronted him and he opened up and told us the truth. He even disclosed that Dr. Ayariga had paid only forty thousand cedis (GH¢40,000) out of two hundred thousand (GH¢200,000) and he is supposed to pay for twenty plots of land but decided to add a rickety Benz car to supposedly make up for the rest of the money,” she said.

The Queen mother disclosed that, she and her elders invited Dr. Ayariga for a meeting where they informed him about the price the family had decided to sell their lands for and that he has to pay more.

The Queen mother disclosed that Ayariga later went and showed her pictures of the project he wanted to use the land for but she is not interested.

“We tried to stop Dr. Ayariga from developing the land but in the attempt, his body guard dressed in military uniform, attacked and injured one of our men.”

She stated that it was later discovered that the body guard was not a military personnel but only draped in the military apparel with the aim of scaring them.

“He has stolen eight (8) additional plots of lands making it twenty eight in all and is threatening that he will deal with me if I visit the land again but that is just loose talk. I will visit the land every morning without fear because it is my property,” she stressed.

According to her, she said her chiefs are ready to go every mile with Dr. Hassan Ayariga if the government does not do anything about it.

Mr. Hassan Ayariga remarked that the circumstances under which some Chiefs sell lands in Ghana must be condemned and stressed that he has documents signed by family members of the Odai Ntow Families.

He said the land was sold to him by four of the rightful owners of Odai Ntwo family and that the Queen Mother is an outsider because it is a family land and not stool land.

According to him, what is going on is a calculated attempt by some people to tarnish his image before the community and the government and stressed that he bought the land 10 years ago.

The Coordinating Director of the Ga East District Assembly narrated that they are protecting all State lands in the community, especially the Atomic lands.

He warned encroachers to stop coming closer to government lands before their structures are pulled down.

He entreated those who want to purchase lands within the Ga East Assembly to first contact them to ascertain if it is government land or not.

By William Sarpong

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