Minority: Gov’t Trapped In Its Own Lies on Ameri


The Minority in Parliament has described re-negotiations of the Ameri and Karpowership agreements as shocking betrayal of public trust by the administration of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) led by President Akufo-Addo.
According to the Minority, after failing to find faults with the original deals, the President resorted to re-negotiations of the agreements, which terms are most scandalous, especially for an administration that claimed to be protecting the public purse.
At a press conference addressed by the Hon. John Jinapor, a former Deputy Minister of Energy, he argued that it is universal knowledge the first and foremost responsibility of any well-meaning Ghanaian, is to ensure due process in presenting agreements before Parliament.
He indicated that the Minister of Energy shockingly laid before Parliament a newly renegotiated agreement with Africa & Middle East Resources Investment Group LLC (AMERI) without observing these basic protocols.
“We find it very pathetic that a government that prides itself as having the men will present an agreement of this nature to Parliament without observing simple constitutional requirements as stipulated by section 33 of the Public Financial Management Act (921),” he stressed.
“The Agreement as presented even had no Legal opinion from the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.”
“As if these infractions were not enough, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) at the Committee hearing confirmed there was no Value for Money audit on the agreement.”
John Jinapor noted that the NPP government is in haste to rush the stinking, inflated and corruption-ridden deal through Parliament with the ultimate aim of getting the House to rubber stamp it.
According to him, the Minority on the Committee of Mines and Energy has taken critical look at the proposed renegotiated agreement and can confirm it is complete rip-off and an attempt at rent-seeking by persons in high places.
He argued that while in opposition the NPP claimed the original transaction was dubious and should not cost more than US$360 million.
“Today, they have signed a deal that costs $1.035 billion, which is over $800 million more than the figure they bandied about.”
“This Agreement with Mytilineos International is full of padded, inflated and contrived miscellaneous figures that clearly reveal a grand scheme orchestrated at the very highest echelons of government to create, loot and share the spoils of those new Agreements.”
“A careful financial analysis of the novated agreement shows it offers an overly generous Rate of Return (RoR) of 68% as against 17.9% in the original AMERI agreement as validated by Price Warehouse Coopers (PWC) in their value for money report on the original Ameri deal,” he stated.
The former Deputy Energy Minister pointed out that yet more scandalous and corruption-ridden is renegotiation under the 450MW Karpower agreement by the Energy Ministry.
He lamented that this renegotiated agreement is even worse than the AMERI Novation Agreement presented to Parliament.
“Indeed, the renegotiated Karpowership Agreement stinks to the heavens with big fishes in Government superintending the looting of the state under this new deal.”
“Yes, you heard me right, the renegotiated KARPOWERSHIP Agreement was poorly negotiated and fraught with inflated and padded figures,” he stated.
He noted that the NPP government has been caught up in its own web of lies and deceit on which the party rode to power and every move and action in government continue to vindicate the NDC and lay bare the truth in all the matters in contention.

 By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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