Hon Jocelyn Tetteh: Visits to Parliament Impacting Positively On Pupils In North Dayi

Member of Parliament for North Dayi, Hon. Jocelyn Tetteh, has indicated that an initiative she instituted to get school children from her constituency to visit the legislature is making very positive impact.

According to her, students are selected for the visits based on specific criteria that include discipline in school and excellence in lessons.

Hon Joycelyn Tetteh and Hon. Kwasi Bedzrah in a group photograph with the school children

Hon. Jocelyn Tetteh disclosed this when students of St. Joseph Basic School at Amfoega Agatanyigbe in the Volta Region visited her in Parliament on Thursday.

School children in the constituency, she said, are competing to make the standard in order to be included in the visits and this is impacting on their behaviours and studies.

The North Dayi legislature indicated that she initiated a program for girl-child education and apportioned some money she spends on the constituency to bring the school children from the constituency to visit Parliament and see what MPs do.

According to her, since it would be difficult to bring their parents who are the actual voters to Parliament, she decided to, once or twice every month, bring the children to Accra to experience what legislative duties are and get some education about the House on things they study in social studies about parliament, bills, the arms of government and how laws are made.

“The visits are therefore a form of practical lesson for them to experience what they have actually been learning in school and give them exposure about the parliament of the country,” she stated.

Hon. Jocelyn indicated that feedback on the initiative has been very good because more students are rushing and anxious to be part of the visit.

She lamented that teenage pregnancy has become a national crises and that North Dayi is not spared from this phenomenon.

According to her, she is doing her own bit to address the situation and educate the girls in the constituency how to protect themselves from that pitfall of life.

She disclosed that she has coined a term with the girls that whenever a male approaches them and start saying things they do not like or are not supposed to hear, they should retort ‘excuse me.’

Hon. Tetteh noted that she made a statement in Parliament about teenage pregnancy to highlight the seriousness of the problem and added that she is doing whatever she could to stop or minimize the rate at which girls get pregnant.

She encouraged and urged them to stay away from men and boys who approached them in a negative manner.

Member for Ho West, Hon. Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah, who also interacted with the school children, urged them to take their studies serious in order to be able to represent their constituencies in Parliament in the future.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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