Women’s Caucus Demand Punitive Sanctions for ‘Rambo’ Cop

The women’s caucus in Parliament has appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to deal with the police officer captured on video assaulting a woman at the premises of Midland Savings and Loans.

Chairman of the caucus, Hon Adwoa Safo, who made the call in a statement to Parliament, noted that it is even more distasteful that nobody attempted to rescue the woman including officials of the bank.

The video of the incident went viral showing the woman, Ms. Patience Safo, being pummeled by the officer, L/Cpl Frederick Amanor, while she clutched the baby she was carrying in her arm.

The Deputy Majority leader noted that at this age when women empowerment advocacy has been very pervasive, it is despicable to see such barbaric and vicious act being meted out to a poor defenseless woman by a peace officer.

She said, “A police officer whose core mandate and responsibility is to protect the poor and vulnerable.”

“This condemnable act is a clear violation of the fundamental human rights of this poor woman.”

She indicated that it was harrowing to even watch the well-built police officer subject the poor woman to severe physical abuse, stressing that the unbearable part was the fact that she had a newly born baby in her arms.

Contributing to the statement, MP for Shai-Osudoku, Hon. Linda Obenewa Akweley Ocloo, called for full scale investigation into the incident, especially into the operations of the bank.

The public, she said, needs to know what necessitated the woman to be denied service despite visiting the banking hall since morning.

“And what prompted the police officer to set upon the woman and brutalized her when all she did was demand her rights to be served and refused to leave when ordered to do so.”

“She could have been killed had the gun gone off when it fell. She could have been a statistic by new.”

“There is the need to give her medical evaluation because the assault she went through could have some effect on her health and this should be the last time a woman should be subjected to this kind of brutality,” she stated

Hon Laadi Ayii Ayamba, MP for Pusiga, who also contributed to the statement, noted that the assault was so severe and violent as if the officer was engaged in a boxing contest and determined to score a knockout.

“I thought he would empathize with the baby and hear the desperate cry of the woman but he appeared possessed and oblivious to the wailing of the woman.”

“He was even unmindful to the fact that his gun had fallen on the floor, which was dangerous because it could have gone off, kill and hurt people in the bank including himself.”

Hon Laadi expressed surprise that no bank manager came to stop the officer and resolve the matter despite the fact that they could have heard her cries and the commotion in the banking hall and called for punitive sanctions against the officer and adequate compensation for the Ms. Safo.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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