Children’s Park under Threat (1)

A project to build a recreational park for children and youth in Accra is under serious threat from encroachers.
This laudable project, Accra Recreational Complex, a private-public partnership to create an environment for positive development of children and youth through sports, games and other social activities necessary in their upbringing may encounter crippling challenges before it even starts.
Conspicuous on the land for the project is a storey building under construction on the Cantonment Government Secretariat School stretch without notice of the clients name, project type and contractor as required by law.
Absence of the project construction notification raises questions about the motive of the owner(s) concerning the land under consideration.
The land is also home to squatters of all shades including mechanic shops, churches, traders, a public toilet from the KUMOJI-FLAIR CATERING end on the Josif Broz Rangoon Avenue.
Efforts at the site to also acquire information about ownership of a building construction ongoing opposite the Aquinas Senior High School proved futile as workers are tight slipped on information to prove otherwise since the Right of Entry from the Land Commission Secretariat is in the name Accra Recreational Complex for fifty years (50).
Our investigations reveal that shareholders of Accra Recreational Complex have not authorized or allocated portions of the land to any individual or institution for development and therefore whoever is on the land is trespassing.
The Accra recreational complex aims to help unfold the country’s history through entertainment and education and strengthen the country’s culture of diversity of families interactions at the facility for common enjoyment and socio-economic development.
The facility is designed to operate as an amusement park, exhibition hall, botanical garden, a school for toddlers and many others to enhance physical skills.
The project concept is to manage the youth as assets for the nation and prevent them becoming a threat to the country’s peace and security.

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