Ebo For Okaikoi Central Com. Officer …Pledges to Help Build a Robust NDC

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-19 at 16.17.55

An aspirant for the position of Communications Officer in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Okaikoi Central constituency elections, Ibrahim Osumanu Samandulgu, popularly referred to as Ebo has pledged to help build a robust NDC in the constituency.

According to him, an all-inclusive leadership irrespective of ethnicity and religion as stipulated in Article 8 (1) of the party Constitution is the panacea for NDC’s renaissance.

He noted that Okaikoi Central Constituency is a cosmopolitan with wide variety of ethnic groups and their various tongues and stressed that thankfully he speaks and understands most of the languages.

Ebo, who was speaking to the Daily Democrat newspaper in an interview, stressed that being fluent in many of the languages cuts him above his opponents because he can disseminate information as required to the NDC branches, grassroots and the constituents effectively.

“I’ll explore my communication skills to preach peace and harmony to unite our members and wrestle power for the Okaikoi Central NDC as well as the Presidential candidate, regardless of who becomes our bet into the 2020 national polls,” he promised.

He pledged to support the setting up of a 7-member communication team at the constituency level and a 5-member communication team at the branch level to disseminate information to NDC members and the electorates.

“I will ensure that these communication teams will be vibrant and effective,” he stated.

Ebo indicated that when elected he would use the office to be the eye, ear and mouthpiece of the constituency on the ground and in the media.

According to him, he will ensure during elections in the constituency, ballot boxes are policed and an initiative dubbed Operation Win Your Ballot Box/Branch set up for both presidential and parliamentary elections.


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