Kelni GVG Limited Is A ‘Ghost’ …Never had contract with Gov’t in 2009: Minority

More red flags have been raised about the Kelni GVG contract after the Minister for Communications, Hon. Ursula Owusu, appeared in Parliament and read a statement to provide answers to questions and finally put the matter to rest.

Incidentally, the effort has thrown the identity of the company, Kelni GVG Limited into further doubts, after it was provided that Kelni GVG and Global Voice Groups (GVG) are two separate entities and the pedigree of the latter is being used to describe the former.

Hon. Ursula Owusu had claimed Kelni GVG is not a foreign company but a Ghanaian Company registered in 1995 with experience in electrical engineering, IT solutions and systems in addition to other business interests and was in fact the same company that had a contract with the Ghana government in 2009.

She indicated that in 2009, National Security conducted extensive due diligence on the company and confirmed its credibility and technical capacity in writing in April 2009.

Minority leader, the Hon. Haruna Iddrissu, under who the contract was signed in 2009, however, discounted the Minister’s claim and stressed that Kelni GVG and Global Voice Group SA, which was contracted in 2009 were separate entities and not the same.

He disclosed that Kelni GVG, as captured in documents at the Registrar General, is a company engaged in imports and exports of general goods, supplies of general goods, tourism, building and road construction, simple engineering and subsequently IT was added to its plethora of engagements.

He discounted the Minister’s claim that National Security conducted due diligence on GVG in 2009 and noted that the investigation conducted was on Global Voice Groups SA of South Africa, which was an entirely different company that the current government is dealing with.

The Minority leader argued that even if it is the same company, the Communications Minister was required to have requested a new investigation into the company before signing the contract in view of the fact that companies go through changes over years, which could affect a new role to be given them.

He stated that Kelni GVG, as the name implies, is the principal if the Minister’s claim that the company is a partnership between Kelni and GVG Haiti is true and stressed that government would therefore be dealing with Kelni, as the principal and not GVG.

“If you had conducted your own due diligence, it should have been on Kelni GVG Limited and not the due diligence that was conducted on Global Voice Groups of South Africa in 2009,” he stated.

“Don’t poor sand in the eyes of Ghanaians that you are dealing with the South African company of 2009. That is not true because I know them too well.”

In an interview with MP for Ningo Prampram constituency, Hon. Sam Nettey George, he argued that the Minority would not allow a situation where an avenue would be established to create, loot and share.

According to him, contrary to claims by the Minister of Communications, Kelni GVG is not even the same as GVG Haiti, which status she used consistently to describe the Ghanaian company that the government entered into the contract with.

He argued that Madam Ursual Owusu conveniently and cleverly switched the names of the companies to make it appear as if Kelni GVG Limited is the same as GVG Haiti, which is far from the truth and stressed that the contract is with Kelni and not GVG.

Hon. Sam George stated that the contract that was signed in 2009 with Global Voice Group SA was fundamentally different from the current contract, which agrees to pay the service provider US$1.5 million with no work done.

He argued that the previous contract signed with Global Voice and Subah was for the service providers to get a percentage of incremental revenue that they generate and therefore if the companies do not find incremental revenues, they are not paid.

“In the present case, Kelni GVG is entitled to $1.5 million whether they find incremental revenue or not. We cannot continue to bleed the public purse like this,” he stated.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/


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