Police, Military Still Most Disciplined Institutions in Ghana – Minority leader

Minority leader in Parliament, the Hon. Haruna Iddrissu, has observed that two institutions in Ghana that still uphold the value of discipline are the Police Service and the Military in particular.

According to him, despite skirmishes that occurred in Tamale between some police officer and soldiers, these two institutions are still the perfect examples when it comes to discipline.

Public confidence in the two security agencies, he said, is therefore so important that these institutions cannot be allowed to lead a process of lawlessness in the country.

“We cannot allow for a sacrilege that they themselves are pushing society into a state of lawlessness,” he stated.

The Tamale South MP made the observation when he contributed to a joint statement that stood in the name of the Minister for Interior and Defence on recent police and military clash in Tamale.

Hon. Haruna Iddrissu noted that the Ministers’ expression of regret for the incident is not enough and stressed that Ghanaians want an assurance there would be no further incidents involving the military and the police that would undermine the peace and security in the Northern Region.

He stated that immediate measures put in by the two institutions to allay the fears of inhabitants of Tamale is ongoing and can confirm joint military and police teams stationed at vintage points of the metropolis.

He urged the two Ministers to keep their eyes, not only on Tamale, but also other parts of the country because Ghanaians need to be assured of their peace and safety and would not wish to hear those tasked with the duty of arbitration in resolving and ensuring enforcement of peace and safety are undermining it.

The Minority leader commended the Speaker for the prompt summoning of the two ministers and the support offered to Parliament to exercise a very representative function as an organ of government.

He averred that it is important for service commanders to continuously work for the peace and security of the country.

Minister for Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery who delivered the statement assured the House and the public that investigation is being conducted into the matter and any person found culpable would be dealt with according to law.

A preliminary investigation, he said, has been carried out as a prelude to a five member committee, composed from the two institutions and the Attorney General’s Department, to conduct detailed investigations into the causes of the clashes and recommend interventions beyond existing guidelines and protocols.

He indicated that following the initial investigation the two institutions have agreed to hold regular joint durbars and other activities to enhance interaction and cooperation.

According to him, full collaboration has been restored in Tamale and the entire Northern Region as pertains in other regions in the country.

“The general public is therefore assured there is full impetus towards their security and safety.”

“The two institutions and their respective high commands are poised to preserve the sanctity of the cooperation achieved on a permanent basis,” he said.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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