A Manufacturer of gas ovens, stoves, cookers and cylinders has called on the government to consider the contributions of local manufacturers in the private sector and logistically support the industry.

The local manufacturing industry has played a vital role in empowering the country’s economy but lacks the requisite advocacy and patronage.

Ghanaians over the years resort to importation of foreign products into the country with the perception of high quality but Kwabena Adu has challenged such perceptions and rather encouraged the public to buy local products.

According to him, technology has added value to the materials used to produce quality products here in Ghana.

Kwabena Adu was speaking to the Daily Democrat in an interview.

Many institutions import all kinds of products instead of diverting their taste to local produce, which according to him, is a bad practice as a country aiming at empowering the private sector.

Kwabena Adu who manufactures gas stoves, cookers, cylinders and burners among others revealed that for the local manufacturing industry to grow, government has to initiate policies that would empower the patronage of local products.

“This can only be achieved if the importation of foreign products is banned or import duties are increased dramatically so as to turn the attention of the public to local products.”

Kwabena Adu indicated that the local manufacturing industry also serves as a medium for employment and that a large number of the youth are employed in that sector thereby reducing the unemployment rate.

He admonished the youth to see the need for self-employment ventures to create new innovative ways coupled with creative skills in order to make life meaningful.

Kwabena Adu urged Ghanaians especially members of Parliament to use Ghana products as the campaign dubbed…”Use Ghana, eat Ghana, and wear Ghana” to make local products more appealing to the general public and to the world.

He entreated parents to see the need in supporting their wards to learn “hand work” as a way of job creation.

By Benjamin Asalimba

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