The Minority Caucus in Parliament wishes to confirm that it has unanimously and without reservation
resolved to support and join Ghanaians who will be demonstrating tomorrow morning in Accra against the Akufo-Addo Government’s betrayal of the Ghanaian people by surrendering our sovereignty and
threatening the peace and stability of Ghana under the now infamous Ghana – US Military Base Agreement.

Minority Members of Parliament will join forces with the Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF) and all other
groups who have so far registered their displeasure by expressing their unflinching support and participation in tomorrow’s march of destiny.

As we have stated time without number, the resistance to this betrayal does not end with our walk-out in Parliament when the NPP abused its majority. We continue to explore many democratic options not limited to demonstrations, public fora, picketing, court actions and the notice we have served that a future NDC Government will urgently review this obnoxious agreement.

It must be stressed that this is a principled position and that any other country which brings a similar
agreement for Ghana’s ratification will attract and face the same level of resistance.
Indeed, Ghana First!

Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini
Ranking Member, Communications Committee, Parliament.

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