Leader of Zambia’s Opposition Hails Ghana’s Democratic Credentials

Leader of opposition of the Zambian National Assembly and member for Monse Central Constituency, the Hon. Mwiimbu Jack Jacob, has hailed Ghana’s democratic credentials and described Parliament as the pride of Africa.

Ghana, he said, has had various changes of government democratically without strife and stressed that Zambia is anxious to understudy this dispensation and also chart an enviable course in its democratic governance.

Hon. Jack Jacob gave the commendation when he paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of the House, the Hon. Aaron Mike Oquaye at Parliament House.

He indicated that four years ago, as chairman of Committee on Liberal Affairs, Governance and Human Rights of the Zambian Parliament, he led a delegation to Ghana to study the 1992 Republican Constitution when Zambia was in the process of drawing a new constitution.

According to him, the Southern African state studied the processes and indeed adopted a number of provisions from Ghana’s Constitution.

He noted that his present visit is in the capacity of leader of the opposition of the Zambia nNational Assembly, a position that emanated from the new constitution of the country.

Mr. Jack Jacob indicated that in the past, Zambia did have any provision pertaining to the position of leader of the opposition.

The new constitution, he said, has therefore made provision for such status but noted there has not been any enabling Act to stipulate the operations of the office of the opposition leader.

“Parliament of Zambia has therefore decided to come to Ghana to formerly learn the good practices pertaining to the operations of the Ghanaian Parliament.”

“The Ghanaian Parliament currently is the pride of Africa because of its success and the fact that the democratic processes have been enhanced over the past many years.”

“Ghana has gone through many a number of elections and governments have changed from one political party to another, which is such a great achievement considering that is also the first African country south of the Sahara to attain independence.”

“Zambia always wishes to learn from Ghana, especially with respect to her democratic dispensation and the appropriate systems to achieve it.”

Hon. Jack Jacob averred that Ghana went through challenges in the past to reach its present enviable objective and stressed that the country has managed to overcome the difficulties and is back on track as one of the shining examples in terms of democracy on the continent.

By Osumanu Al-Hassan/uthmanhass@gmail.com

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