ATV DECLARES WAR ON FILTH …Launches “Let Stop the Filth Now” campaign

ATV has officially launched “Let Stop the Filth Now” campaign to wage war against human attitude towards filth generation in Ghana.

The Channel Manager of ATV, Mr. Michael Kunke, outlining the purpose of the launch, disclosed that filth has now taking full control of the entire country leading to the destruction of the environment and pollution of water bodies that serve as source of drinking water and other uses.

“Ghana as a country is drowning in garbage. What sense does it make to buy kenkey and have one black polythene bag aka Ewiase ye sum, and get another bag for fish. Then the two will be put into another bag. If that bag is not strong enough then you will have a fourth for reinforcement.”

“That is 80 years for the polythene to decompose as scientist estimate it takes 20 years for plastic bags to decompose. So, we can imagine how long it will take for the tons of plastic waste we have in the country to decompose.”

The citizenry, he indicated, always point fingers at government and blame them for failing to provide the necessary measures.

“They forget that it is our attitude that leads to the generation of filth in the country.”

“We litter everywhere and this has to stop. We at ATV know this will not happen overnight. So we are tackling this issue with two-prong approach.”

He therefore called for change in people’s attitude towards littering in the long term and urged the government to enforce all the sanitation by-laws NOW, not in the shortest time but NOW.

This, he said, will push the breaks on the challenge and give ample time to reverse the damage caused to the environment as a result of the continuous pollution and indiscriminate littering.

“If after its horrific genocide, Rwanda is able to put complete ban on plastic products and make Kigali the cleanest city in Africa, why can’t we do same here in Ghana and promote the use of recyclable paper bags.”

“Yes, I know our politicians will say easier said than done. But let’s not forget that just as I still hold dear my memories of bathing in the Fosu and going home with some mpetewa, I know we all have some memories we hold dear about the environment.

“Let’s not deprive our children the same relationship with the environment just like we did. Let’s come together and Stop the Filth Now”.

The Chairman for the occasion and Vice President of Business Development and Finance of Group Nduom, Dr. Kwaku Nuom appealed to the Government to place dust bins in every household to ensure waste separation for recycling.

The, Greater Accra NADMO Director, Mr. Archibald Cobbinah, noted that there is no fresh air in Accra because of the polluted environment as a result of filth.

He proposed that sanitation Courts should not sentence offenders to serve prison terms but rather be made to work in the communities to scare others from committing same offences in other to keep the country clean.

The Group Head of Communication, Jospong, Mrs. Sophia Lissa urged the media to give their support in combating filth as they gave in support to galamsey and also appealed to government to provide bins to the people and also enforce the sanitation by-laws in the country.

By William Sarpong


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