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Dr. Osei Brown

He stressed the need for the public to take keen notice of the disease because; the human kidney is the temple of the body and must be taken proper care of. The kidney, he said, must be regularly cleaned by maintaining it with the needed precautions.

According to him, the left kidney does more work in the body, which needs regular cleaning and can be cleaned by eating the right choices of food like non-carbonated food, eating of natural base food, exercise, and avoiding the intake of canned drinks and foods.

Dr. Brown issued these health precaution advocacies to mark World Kidney Day. He noted that being diagnosed with kidney stones, kidney disorder, kidney inefficiency or kidney deficiency does not mean it is witchcraft.

Many kidney patients, he said, die as a result of superstitious beliefs where families resort to Men of God for cure instead of going to hospital.

Ignorance and superstition, he said, have become problematic in the Ghanaian society thereby causing more harm than good.

He indicated that kidney related diseases can only be managed through dialysis to extend the life span of the patient but is very costly.

According to him, government needs to do more public advocacy on the need to preserve and prevent these diseases through education on radio, TV and the newspapers among others

By Benjamin Asalimba, Kumasi

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