The registered Parties (countries) also called Conference of Parties (COPS) under United Nations Framework Convention For Climate Change (UNFCCC) is calling for Young Lawyer and media participation on climate change negotiation and meetings.

This was disclosed by the Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mr. Peter Abum Sakodie at a press conference held in Accra on the outcomes of COP23 held in Bonn, Germany from the 6th-17th November, 2017.

The conference was organized jointly by the governments of Fiji and the Federal Republic of Germany and was attended by over 192 Parties with an attendance of 20,000 participants.

Among the objectives of COP23 is to implement the Call for Climate Action adopted by Parties during the COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

To negotiate on ways and means of achieving ambitious emission reduction target of Parties towards a temperature goal of 2 degree centigrade.

To develop a rule book that will guide Parties of the Convention on how to effectively implement decisions within the Paris Agreement.

To galvanise solidarity for the call on Marrakesh Climate Action.

The outcome is that, Annex 1 and Non-Annex 1 countries encourage greater emphasis on monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV) for greater ambition from Non-State Stakeholders.

Global stock should take place in 2020. Parties agree to continue to Progress work next year on the Paris Agreement.

The European Commission (EU) and its member states agreed to ratify the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol by the end of 2020.

Special circumstances of all Developing Countries should be taken into account in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Parties agreed to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and enhance South-South Co-operation purposely to share experiences and best practices.

The African Group of Negotiators (AGN) expressed concern of lack of pre-2020 action noting that only 8 percent have ratified the Doha Amendment Fund (AF) Report which contained a decision that the AF shall serve the Paris Agreement (PA) subject to a decision of the conference of Parties serving on the Paris Agreement (CMA) in 2018.

Parties called for the strengthening of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and damage.

By William Sarpong

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