The Twafohene of the Awutu, Traditional Area, Nai Kwashie Korley, alias Nana Bediako, says the chiefs and elders of Odupong Ofaakor traditional Council, are angry at the Awutu Municipal Assembly led by the Hon. Michael Mensah, for dumping hawkers who trade along the roads and streets of Kasoa in their municipality, specifically on a piece of land close to the Okrudu river and bridge, that they the Chiefs had officially sold to the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) at Kasoa.

Speaking at a press conference at Odupong Ofaakor at the Town’s Palace, Nai Korley averred that they had sold that land to the CAC  but the MCE still went ahead to earmark the same land to the hawkers and traders that were ejected from Kasoa.

The Twafohene stressed that they do not want confusion or any form of misunderstanding on Odupong land because generally they are peaceful and law-abiding people.

He therefore called on the government of President Nana Akufo-Addo to stop the Assembly and the MCE from using their influence to suppress the chiefs.

The chief noted that the Ofaakor chief Nai Awushie Tetteh II, has been very kind to the government by offering the government for that matter the Assembly vast lands free of charge to build schools, courts, G.E.S. Offices, among many other government projects, and so it is sad for the MCE to deny the chiefs the sale of their own land near the Okrudu river for their wellbeing and development of their catchment area.

He also averred that apart from that their Odikro had given government land for the new market, for which appreciation should be shown, instead of treating the chiefs badly.

He added that the MCE must sit down with the church and the chiefs to have an amicable solution to the issue.

The Twafohene noted that the MCE was invited on several occasions but he failed to meet the chiefs until later he came but he failed to stay away from that land.

Nai Korley noted that if the MCE is able to bring all the parties together, they will be able to smoke peace pipe to resolve the matter.

When asked by the media why Nananom do not want market women to sell at the land near the Okrudu River, Nai Korley answered that they don’t want the place to be a market because the river abhors dirt, especially women who are in their menstrual period.
He explained that the land had already been sold to CAC so it will bring confusion if they go ahead to make the place a market.

The chief also noted that Nananom are not happy that some of the church members were arrested on the orders of the MCE, stressing that it is a way of disrespecting the chiefs since they genuinely sold the land to CAC.

He said even if the market has to be cited there then the MCE should involve the chiefs to perform customs before that can be done but he cannot just make the place a market without consultation with the chiefs.

Touching on a recent rumpus between executives of the NPP and the MCE against an angry group of the party who claimed their names were removed from the NPP voting register at Awutu-Senya East, the chief indicated that they summoned the feuding parties to Ofaakor palace but they failed to appear.

The Twafohene noted that the MCE and the executives and the police promised to send the suspects who invoked the case but they could not produce them as promised, so the chief asked the leadership of NPP at Awutu- Senya East to bring some items, which would be used to overturn the curses so no one would die.

When this paper reached out to the MCE on phone to get his side of the story, he said the land in question at Okrudu is government land, so if the chiefs are not happy about government developing the land into a market, they could go to court to seek redress.

On the invocation of curses on NPP leadership at Awutu Senya- East, the MCE noted that since the suspects are nowhere to be found, the chiefs and elders need to be patient, as they scout out for them.

By Barnard Quanson

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